Trail Blazers Ministry is hosting a house meeting with John Scotland

When : Sunday, October 11, 2015
Time : 5:30 pm
Place : If you are interested to come, please pm me and I will send you my address (I have cats and dogs, just in case you are allergic to them 🙂 )

John Scotland was born and raised in Liverpool, England. He was saved at the age of 18, received the baptism of Holy Spirit and married his lovely wife, Jean in 1971. He pastored a church for 12 years. During this time, he worked with the poor and unemployed youth of his city which resulted a personal recognition by the Queen of England for his work. John received a word from a prophet, Bobby Connor and in the same year, he received the anointing of intoxication of joy and drunkenness in the Holy Spirit which launched him to traveling minister. John was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in the US by Correll Missionary Ministries (CMM) of Charlotte, North Carolina. His ministry has brought joy, encouragement and spiritual refreshment to many.


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