Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Thank God It’s Friday 🙂

It’s a week before Christmas, the celebration of a savior’s birthday.  The one who unselfishly gave His life so everyone can be saved by believing that His love is an everlasting love.  Because He loves us, He follows His Father to the cross.  For God so loved the world, that He gives His son for our sin atonement so we are free of our sins and washed it as white as snow.  The same with America, she has been gracious and generous to open her door for people to come and live off her land because America also loves her people.  May we not forget America in our prayers and bless her as she bless us.

May this Christmas is a time for us to focus more on what’s important in our lives and that is family and our love for God.  May we enjoy our family and friends not only for the season but everyday from today on.  May love, peace and joy of the season reign in our hearts all days of our lives. Remember, life is precious but love triumphs over all 🙂

Have a joyful weekend 🙂










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